Earnings Reports

Releases of companies’ earnings reports often tend to provoke significant movements for their shares. This page summarises the key reports coming up, listing which companies are making announcements on which dates as well as consensus predictions for earnings per share.


  • Please remember that the data for forecast EPS are estimates from our liquidity providers. These and other details in the table below can be subject to change.
  • Margin changes take effect on the day of the release of a report and the margin requirement for the CFD in question returns to normal on the following day.

May 2018

May 2018 Symbol Name Forecast EPS Last year's EPS Margin %
Tuesday 8 May, after hours DIS.US Walt Disney Co $1.68 $1.50 30%
Thursday 10 May, after hours NVDA.US NVIDIA Corp $1.47 $0.82 30%
Wednesday 9 May (estimated) TM.US Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) $2.61 $2.32 30%
Thursday 17 May, pre-market WMT.US Walmart Inc $1.12 $1 30%
Tuesday 22 May, after hours HPE.US Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co $0.31 $0.25 30%
Wednesday 23 May, pre-market TIF.US Tiffany & Co $0.84 $0.74 30%
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