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Trade gold, silver, copper and more metals in a similar manner as you would currencies, directly through your MT4 or STATUS platforms.

Why add metals to your portfolio?
Hedge against financial markets at times of political or economic instability Because gold is considered a safe-haven due to its long-term uptrend* Metals are from the oldest forms of investment, preceding online trading.
*A continuous uptrend is not guaranteed and can reverse at any time.
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss
Symbol Name Spread from (points) Contract Size Margin Percentage* Swap Long** Swap Short** Trading Session (GMT +2)
COPPER Copper 50 25000 lbs 1% -3.876 -2.820 Monday-Friday 01:00-23:59
XAGEUR Spot silver (EUR) 30 5000oz 1% -0.028 -0.042 Monday-Friday 01:00-23:59
XAGUSD Spot silver (USD) 12 5000oz 1% -0.252 0.045 Monday-Friday 01:00-23:59
XAUEUR Spot gold (EUR) 33 100oz 1% -1.162 -3.010 Monday-Friday 01:00-23:59
XAUUSD Spot gold (USD) 15 100oz 1% -14.910 5.454 Monday-Friday 0100-2359
XPDUSD Palladium 1500 100oz 10% 0.981 -32.592 Monday-Friday 01:00-23:59
XPTUSD Platinum 210 100oz 10% -16.478 0.801 Monday-Friday 01:00-23:59
* The margin requirement for CFDs is calculated as follows: Margin = lots * contract size * market price * margin percentage
** The profit calculation for CFDs on energy futures: (close - open price) * contract size * lot
Example: the profit calculation for CFDs on NGAS futures = (close price - open price) * 10,000 * lot
** Rollover/swaps are debited/credited at 00:00 (GMT+2) with triple rate on Friday.
Important Information
  • The margin requirement is not based on the leverage of your trading account.
  • Please note that the swaps displayed are indicative. You can find actual swaps of the day on the trading platform.
  • Swaps on the website are uploaded monthly.
While gold is the most popular metal among traders, silver is also considered a safe haven and is known for its long term uptrends.
*A continuous uptrend is not guaranteed and can reverse at any time.
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Trade Responsibly: CFDs are leveraged products and can result in the loss of all invested capital. Please consider our Risk Disclosure .