Introducing EverFX Global
EverFX Global is powered by the same cutting-edge infrastructure as EverFX but offers greater flexibility of trading conditions.
As an existing client of EverFX, you can now move your account to EverFX Global seamlessly. Please review our new offerings below
EverFX EverFX Global
Leverage (forex) Up to 1:30 Up to 1:500
Leverage (crypto) 1:2 1:3
Leverage (indices) Up to 1:20 Up to 1:100
Leverage (commodities) Up to 1:20 Up to 1:100
Fully regulated
Negative balance protection
Trading bonuses and perks
Enhanced educational material
Multilingual support
Early access to exclusive offers
Free expert webinars
Enter your email address in order to move your account
By clicking “Move My Account” you agree to all the following:
Closing all your open positions.
Sharing your documents with EverFX Global (ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) Ltd, registration number 326096, domain
, regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority)
Terms and conditions
Q: Can I have accounts with both EverFX and EverFX Global?
Yes! Instead of moving, you can open an additional account with EverFX Global later when public registration is activated.
Q: What if I want to move my account but don’t want to close all my position?
Your EverFX Global account will still be created but you’ll need to fund it separately to start trading.
Q: Are there any hidden charges? Will the funds in my account be affected or reduced by moving to EverFx Global?
There are no charges for moving and your balance will stay as it was at the start of the move. After moving your funds, deposits and withdrawals remain the same as before and you can always withdraw your money.