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Sevilla FC in the Second Leg of Spanish Cup Quarter-Finals

The Highlight of Copa del Rey is Near

The second leg of the epic showdown between Sevilla FC and Barcelona will conclude this evening as the teams fight to live another day in Copa del Rey.

Barcelona has prepared a strong lineup of 18 for the Wednesday clash. Barcelona’s last year performance in the final against Sevilla sure left a lasting mark, but the big question for today remains unchanged. Will Sevilla be able to handle Barça’s pressure and edge their opponents out of the cup?

The team at EverFX follows Sevilla’s fixtures with great interest. Not just out of professional courtesy, since being partnered with them has been such a great and illuminating experience, but also out of genuine curiosity for how the Spanish Cup will play out.

As history has shown, unlikely success stories can occur on both the football pitch and the trading floor. EverFX and Sevilla have made sure to include several of those in their portfolios.

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But back to the game itself.
Despite Sevilla’s 2:0 lead on aggregate, the team will have their work cut out for them. Sevilla will definitely look forward to scoring rather then holding out to an aggregate lead. It will become a necessity for Barcelona to score and hold out a 3 goal lead. This all lends lead to a game that will be spectacular.

Will the visiting team reach semi-finals today at Camp Nou?

As always, EverFX logo will proudly grace Sevilla’s uniform and we’ll be rooting for them. No matter the score, EverFX is happy to have been partnered with such a club.
The match kicks off at 20:30 GMT (UK), 21:30 CET (Barcelona).

Vamos Mi Sevilla!

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