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Buy Yandex NV stock & View ($YNDX) Share Price With EverFX


Buy Yandex NV Stock

Meta Description: In the recent past, the Yandex NV shares have been rising strongly. In this post, you will find all that you need to know about investing in Yandex stock.

For investors interested in entering the Russian stock exchange market, investing in Yandex shares can be a great decision. Yandex is one of the largest internet search engines in Russia popularly known for developing technology products, operating online businesses, and supplementing the power of machine learning. Today, this company has a strong presence across the European market, with an average market capitalization of USD57.57.

The Company Summary

The operations of Yandex are run on five key segments that saw the company generate over 175 billion Russian Rubles in revenues in 2019. This was a 37% increase compared to the company’s 2018 revenue income. The five segments include the following;

• Search and Portal Segment

This is Yandex’s primary business and the company’s principal catalyst for top-line growth. According to the company’s 2019 earnings report, the Search and Portal division accounted for 69.5% of its total earnings. This company provides a wide range of services under this division, including advertising, personal, search engine, and online healthcare services. The segment also includes the Yandex Launcher (a workspace organisation tool for Android devices) and the Search and Portal division in Turkey. Services under this segment are available in Russia Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

• Taxi Segment

This is an online ride-sharing service that accounts for 21.7% of Yandex’s revenues. Under the Taxi, Segment includes the Self-Driving Cars unit, FoodTech, and Ride-hailing businesses.

• Media Services

This Media segment offers a wide range of services, including Yandex TV, Yandex Plus, Yandex Studio, Yandex Afisha, Yandex Music, and Yandex KinoPoisk. As per the 2019 statistics, Yandex’s Media division accounted for 2.2% of its total revenues.

• Other Bets and Experiments

The Other Bets and Experiments category comprises varying geolocational services, including Yandex Drive, Yandex Cloud, and Zen. In 2019, the segment generated up to 8.6% of the company’s total revenues.

• Classifieds

Under the Classifieds, the company offers several facilities, including job search (via Yandex Jobs) and real estate (via Yandex Realty) services. This company also provides online travel and automobile services through the Yandex

Out of the five segments, substantial proportions of this company's total revenues are generated from Online advertising, consisting of Advertising Networks and the Yandex Properties categories.

What Is the Current Yandex Share Price?

Currently, Yandex stock trades for $57.57. However, stock analysts suggest that this share price is way below its fair value. This is as a result of several factors that include the following;
• In the past 5 years, this company's free cash flow has experienced a compound growth rate of 0.04%. This rate is higher than about 22.39% of the free cash flow generating shares in the Tech stock exchange market.
• Its balance sheet indicates that 6% of its capital originates from debts. This exceeds about 15.89% of the free cash flow generating stocks in the market.
• As per the company’s interest coverage ratio and market cap, its debt estimate cost is 2%. This is higher than a majority of the markets discounted cashflow tickers.

Is Yandex a Buy?

Yandex stocks have not been that popular with investors. This explains why the YNDX stock has had it rough as a member company of the S&P 500 index and American markets. However, there is all proof that now could be the right time to consider purchasing its stocks. Here is a quick rundown on this company's shares.


1. Yandex Stock Chart

In 2011, these stocks were trading at $35 per share. On several occasions, the price rose to $40 per share. In one event, the stock’s price dropped to $10 per share. However, despite the harsh business environment that pushed the Yandex stock to extremely low rates, it has grown admirably. This company's earnings estimates are expected to grow by 46%, which will significantly boost the stock’s price per share.

2. Yandex’s Value Proposition

Although it cannot be compared to Apple's brands, Yandex is a well-positioned business across Russia. Russians rely on this company for free email and search engine results. As a result, the company competes with Google and Gmail across multiple markets worldwide. However, it is currently the dominating search engine company in Russia.

Unfortunately, such dominance cannot always yield positive returns. This is why this company invests in other lucrative sectors, such as classified ads, media operations, and online marketplaces, to further its value proposition. This rapid growth in the company's portfolio is expected to yield substantial future profits to investors.

3. Yandex Taxis

Year over year, this company's taxi operations have contributed to rapid growth in its earnings and revenues. In 2016, for example, Yandex Taxis accounted for 3% of the company’s overall revenues. In 2019, the rates had surged to 15%, boosting its revenue by over 300%. With such rates of revenue growth, it is worth considering a Yandex stock investment.

4. Future Expansion

Today, this company dominates over 43% of the internet search market in Russia. The company is also positioned to venture into more businesses for more profits. For example, it has partnered with Uber to provide ride-sharing and food delivery services across Europe and Africa. The Yandex Drive unit is also one of the largest car rental businesses in Russia. With such growth on multiple business fronts, there is much to expect from this stock investment.

How to Buy YNDX Stock

Yandex shares are known for yielding positive results even during severe political environments. If you have confidence in these stocks, then it is time for you to consider investing in the company shares. Here is how to buy Yandex stock.
• Create a trading account with a trading broker, such as EverFX.
• Make your first deposit. Check out the minimum deposit requirement when choosing a trading account.
• Choose the service Yandex Stock and click on ‘Trade.’
• Choose ‘Buy’ and indicate the amount you wish to trade.

Using CFDs to Invest in Yandex Stock

A contract for differences (CFDs) is an investment contract that allows you to trade on shares' price movement. Using CFDs to invest in this company's stock enables you to speculate the movement of share prices actively. This means that you can take positions in falling and rising prices. While this company's shares are known for yielding returns even in economic downturns, CFDs are a greater investment option.

Buy Yandex NV stock

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